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Rules for Life

Rules for Life

It is really important to pay attention to your thoughts. We are often caught in a trap of making decisions and giving standard responses without ever thinking about what we are doing or saying.

This is the way we have been taught since birth. All of the things that happen to us as we are growing up impact on how we think, but on an unconscious level so deep that we aren’t aware that these decisions are taking place.

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The Power of Addiction and The Addiction of Power

The Power of Addiction and The Addiction of Power

The Buddhists have this idea of the hungry ghosts — the hungry ghosts are these creatures with large empty bellies and small, scrawny necks and tiny little mouths, so they can never get enough, they can never fill this emptiness on…

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  • Anchored by Deb Dana
  • Jail Break by Angela J. Huebner
  • Understanding and Treating Chronic Shame by Patricia A. DeYoung
  • Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from America’s Class War by Joe Bageant
  • The Spirit Level by Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson
  • Intersections of Privilege and Otherness in Counselling and Psychotherapy
    by Dwight Turner

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