Pathways to Inner Peace

An apprenticeship with your Self

Next intake January 2023

A year long programme that helps you connect with your true nature by shining light on the stories you tell your Self through acquired beliefs and assumptions, adaptive behaviours, and body states.
By unveiling your unconscious drivers, you have the possibility to liberate your Self from them and live a Self Led Life.

The Three Pillars of Connection

There are Three Pillars of Connection at the core of this work. Connection to Self, Community and Environment. These pillars will support you as you make the unconscious conscious, thus revealing your true Authentic Self (and perhaps a higher or spiritual Self).

Trauma Informed

This Trauma Informed work is supported by Compassionate Inquiry, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing and many other theories, modalities, practices, teachings, and philosophies. You should note that this is not a theoretical experience. We call it work, because in many ways, that is what you will be doing – working on your Self, and the many other parts of you.

You can expect to get in touch with parts of you that have been suppressed, hidden, and maybe forgotten. Together we will create safety to allow space to explore the feelings, body sensations, emotions, and stories we tell ourselves. This container of safety is crucial when it comes to allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, to see, speak and feel our truths.

12 Guiding Qualities

Each month we will work together so that you can Come Home to your true Self. Your true Self is the aspect of you that has the qualities of Compassion, Curiosity, Creativity, Calmness, Clarity, Confidence, Courage, Authenticity, Presence, Persistence, Perspective, and Playfulness.

These 12 qualities will guide your work and will be the theme for each month.

Who is this for?

The programme is for any individual who wants to know the “truth of who they are”. It will support you work through difficulties and challenges, achieve a new sense of Self, understand your drivers, triggers, and complex issues, and heal parts of you that long for your attention and care.

It is an opportunity to be present, conscious, and compassionately committed to your Self.

If you want to bring about change in your life, that change must begin within. With space, support, and safety, you will be your own guide, while attuning to your feelings, body sensations, and thoughts. You will examine, feel into, and make sense of your “inner system” and how it, along with your mind and life experiences, can “hijack” your present moment experiences and interactions.

What do you receive?

Every two weeks you will participate in a 90-minute group “Circling Home” session facilitated via Zoom. These sessions start fortnightly from Sunday 15th January 2023, from 7.30pm – 9.00pm UK time.

You can avail of 3 “1-2-1 Sessions” with your facilitator at a time to suit your schedule. During these sessions you will get the opportunity to inquire into aspects of your Self, work on current/ongoing problems, and bring presence and calm to your life.

Weekly peer “Listening Calls” with you and up to 2 other fellow participants to discuss and practice learning, share hurdles and support each other.

Weekly “Space for You” emails to support your Coming Home to Self with recommended reading, viewing materials and Self-care practices.

Membership of a private WhatsApp group with additional resources, support, and opportunities to further connect with your fellow explorers.

In addition to this, you can book extra 1-2-1 Sessions with your facilitator.

Your Facilitator

Stephen Brown has been working with people for over 25 years, and connection is at the core of that work – connection with self, with community and the environment.

Stephen offers courses, retreats and 1-2-1 sessions that are powerfully transformative and have the intention of bringing harmony to your mind, your life, your community, and the world.

His work utilises many western, eastern, and ancient modalities, practices, and environments. All the while, holding safe space for you to navigate your life, nervous system, perceptions and beliefs, behavioural patterns, and values.

Stephen promises to remain present to you, his Self and the process. He will support you and provide curiosity, care, compassion, connectedness, calmness, and clarity.

ow much does it cost?

This year long programme of Self-discovery is limited to 15 people and includes:

  • 24 X 90-minute group calls
  • 3 X 1-hour 1-2-1 sessions
  • 50 X 1-hour peer support sessions
  • 50 weekly support emails
  • Membership of private community group

In light of the ongoing uncertainty for many people, the cost of this course is kept as low as possible. That means, it is available to you for £108 per month. Payment can be made monthly on the 1st of each month, with the 1st payment due when confirming your place.

Some words from people who have worked with Stephen

The course was without a doubt, the most empowering, challenging, intense, fun, and useful course I have attended – thank you!

I have attended Stephen’s courses and worked alongside him on several occasions in delivering inspirational and in many cases life-changing sessions to individuals and corporate clients.

In all my dealings with Stephen he has clearly demonstrated a real passion and desire to make a difference to the lives of others through the work he does. He is very personable and highly professional. He is a truly inspirational individual!

Stephen is without question the most congruent, professional, and conscientious person you could wish to meet

Stephen was highly organised, very safety-conscious, and incredibly patient, encouraging, and knowledgeable. This very likable man is just highly skilled at creating safe spaces and opportunities for mind-sets to change, from “can’t” and “impossible” to “maybe” and “let’s do it”.

His delivery shows great warmth and humility,

Stephen Brown is an incredibly talented, intuitive and a natural trainer. His guidance helped me overcome every challenge that my thoughts posed in front of me. His knowledge of the subject, the training methodology, his patience, his listening skills, all of this was very inspiring and helped me throughout our training programme. He is humble, high on emotional intelligence, very clear, articulate and patient. I have had the most amazing experience training with him, I feel transformed, uplifted, fear free & limitless.

Stephen has delivered some truly rewarding and transformative experiences and was professional and entertaining throughout.

Everything that Stephen does is done with absolute integrity, pure intention, and wonderful authenticity – he has a deep calming presence.

Stephen works with deep grace, creativity, professionalism, sensitivity, energy, flexibility and with an astounding dexterity in translating often complex concepts into an accessible, supportive, and familiar language. I have observed Stephen to work skilfully to support individuals and groups, sensitively attending to group dynamics whilst also offering one to one support when needed. I experience Stephen to be a committed, passionate leader and highly skilled facilitator

Stephen is a modest down to earth authentic man who is passionate about people.  He has a natural ability to relate and connect. His gentle, considerate personality shines through in his interaction with people.

Take the next step on your path and get in touch today.