Compassionate Inquiry

Practice Groups

Compassionate Inquiry Practice Groups are scheduled throughout the year and can also be organised on an ad-hoc basis. It is expected that participants are curently in the Compassionate Inquiry Professional Training course, or have completed it.

You are welcome to use the schedule below to find a day and time that suit you. If my availability does not appear to be working for you, please email and we can see what we can work out together. Be sure to book all three sessions now and include the email address of all participants so they each receive the invites and reminders.

What to Expect

Each Compassionate Inquiry Practice group meeting lasts for 2 hours; and you will book them in blocks of three.

Each meeting includes a grounding, intentions of learning, a 50-minute practice session, followed by feedback, discussion, and role play. Each person will take on the role of therapist, client and observer once over the three meetings. As the therapist, you will be able to request and receive in the moment feedback, support, and alternative options by calling a “time-out”, and/or, with agreement, through the zoom chat function or by voice.

Please note: Compassionate Inquiry Practice Groups are for learning and development as a practitioner and not therapy. It is expected that when in the role of client, you are gifting us with opportunities for learning. Bring something that you have the ability to hold your Self, as interruptions will happen.


Block of three practice sessions (2 hours each) – £180 per person (based on 3 participants)

* Payment details will be sent when you schedule the Practice meetings and should be paid within 24 hours.


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